We meet on the first Thursday of each month in the Community Room at the Camp Hill Giant.  We will have a time to network and connect with other property owners from 6:00 until our meeting starts at 7:00 and we hear from our scheduled speaker*.

On Feb 6th we will have Mr Dino Tozzi, owner of Get Clear Windows will explain the replacement window process.

  • Overview of the contractor steps
  • Identify when windows must be replaced–fogging, broken seals, loose framing
  • Describe the types, styles, manufacturers, and retailers
  • Explain the installation components– DIY; Subcontractor from places such as Home Depot and Lowes; Window Specialists

Harrisburg region housing stock is mostly older buildings. It is inevitable that windows and doors will need to be replaced.

More information can be found at his website: getclearwindows.com

*Topics and speakers are subject to change without notice.