We have appeared at workshops of the Carlisle Borough Council numerous

times this year to oppose a rental inspection ordinance.  The Council

has presented a draft ordinance that includes fees for inspection and

fees for registration.  We have made the most progress when we argued

that the ordinance will cause rents to increase as we pass the cost of

the ordinance on to the tenants. We made a very effective presentation

in October, but we need to do it again.  We need to show up in large

numbers and remind them that they will cause rents to increase in the

Borough. This argument is more effective than all the other arguments

that we have made. Elected officials are less interested in whether an

ordinance makes economic sense than in whether it stirs up

a hornet’s nest among the majority of residents. About 55% of Carlisle

residents are tenants at this time. If you can bring any of your 

tenants with you, that would help tremendously.

The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, November 6, 2019

at 6:00 PM at the Carlisle Borough Hall.

The ordinance draft can be found on the website of the Carlisle Borough’s Home page (https://www.carlislepa.org/) which also has the agendas and minutes of their meetings. Please read the ordinance and be familiar with it if you own a property in Carlisle.